Set up an online fundraiser or organize an event with your friends.  This is a great way to support the IGLTA Foundation’s work with communities worldwide.

  • Organize an event with your friends

    Raise funds to support the IGLTA Foundation’s work during a birthday party, potluck dinner, card-game, cocktail party, sporting event, or a holiday gathering.
    Register Your Event

  • Organize an online fundraiser

    Set up your own campaign online, and invite your friends, family, colleagues or customers to donate. Link your fundraiser to an event or activity that can generate interest: a race or marathon, volunteer trip, holiday, anniversary, etc.

    The IGLTA Foundation has made it easy for you to get started on  Click here to set up your fundraising project.  It’s quick and easy!

  • Involve your customers

    Your customers will be pleased that you’re working with the IGLTA Foundation. Here are some ideas:

    • Support the foundation’s work by donating a portion of revenue on a specific product or service.
    • Offer a ‘trial session’ of yoga, personal training or other service, with proceeds going to the IGLTA Foundation.
    • Host a cocktail reception or other special event to thank clients or promote your business, with  proceeds going to the IGLTA Foundation.
    • With each purchase, give your customers the opportunity to support the IGLTA Foundation with a  small donation of $5 to $10.
    • Link to the IGLTA Foundation from your website.

    Please register your fundraiser or contact us to discuss how your business can support our work with communities worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the IGLTA Foundation provide tax receipts for donations?

Tax receipts will be provided for donations made directly to us either through our website or by check made out to the IGLTA Foundation.

Does the IGLTA Foundation accept in-kind donations?

We cannot accept in-kind donations of materials, but we may be able to accept assistance with travel: air miles, hotel stays, car rentals, etc. Please contact us to discuss your specific offer.

Can IGLTA Foundation staff speak or volunteer at my event?

Requests for IGLTA Foundation staff to attend an event must be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are subject to scheduling limitations. Please contact us.

Can the IGLTA Foundation sponsor my event or reimburse me for costs that I incur?

The IGLTA Foundation cannot sponsor, solicit sponsorship or reimburse expenses for your fundraising event. Please inform us if you have other sponsors for your event so that we may avoid conflicts with our own fundraising efforts. Additionally, all your event materials should note that:

  • The IGLTA Foundation is not the event sponsor and funds are being raised by you/your organization to benefit the IGLTA Foundation.
  • The specific portion of each donation, ticket or proceeds that will be directed to The IGLTA Foundation.
  • No events
IGLTA Foundation Blog
IGLTA Foundation Blog

A fond farewell to Travis Ferland

Dear Friends, The past six months have been a whirlwind of progress for the recently established IGLTA Foundation as we work to build bridges with communities worldwide. In November 2012 we engaged Travis Ferland as interim Executive Director on a

Our mission is to use the power of LGBT travel to build bridges with communities worldwide. Those bridges, in turn, enable understanding, awareness and commerce to flourish in diverse communities around the globe.